Negative search results can ruin your reputation, result in being excluded from a job you’re otherwise qualified for, and cause the loss of online sales for those who sell on the web. Unfortunately, actually removing negative information from a website that you don't control is almost impossible.

The best solution to negative search results is to employ online reputation management (ORM) techniques to push the bad results down from the first pages of search engine results. Over 90% of people who run searches don’t look beyond the first page of a search result. Over 95% of searches don't look past the first two pages of results. That's why online reputation management is so important to both individuals and businesses. Our proven techniques move negative search results off the first and second pages of search results, essentially moving them beyond the eyes of most searchers.


We work with our partner web hosting company MadBeeTech to gain access to numerous existing sites to which we post favorable content that quickly appears in search engine results.

Fix Your Search Results registers new domains with relevant keywords (including your name if applicable) in the URLs, then applies search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to these sites.

We post numerous blog and forum entries, articles, and other site entries that all reference you or your business in a positive light — thereby creating a steady stream of positive content to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Where applicable, we will work with site owners of sites that currently display negative information about you in an attempt to actually remove the negative information from those sites.